Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Everdata Technologies Voted Best Cloud Provider

Everdata Technologies has won the “Best Cloud Hosting Provider” customer satisfaction survey conducted by Jelastic in October 2015 by getting the highest score of votes of true cloud users. Cloud users voted on several categories including uptime, support, price, scalability, hardware quality, provider reputation, control panel, etc.

Everdata TechnologiesThe results clearly show that Everdata Cloud – an innovative cloud platform that combines the unlimited PaaS and container based IaaS, is supported by a knowledgeable and experienced local team that successfully addresses all the demands of modern cloud users.

Since inception in 1997, the company is dedicated to introducing innovative hosting solutions that are in tune with the changing needs of both local and global clients. Everdata currently caters to a variety of hosting needs of its clients in 57 countries worldwide, has offices in India, USA and UK.

Everdata Data Center India is Rajasthan State’s first privately owned data center. With 21,000+ Sq feet of DC floor which can house up to 14000 servers easily. This IPv6 ready Data center is located in Jaipur, which was marked the safest area from earthquakes and other natural disasters in India as well as the world, which makes it ideal for businesses looking for disaster recovery and business continuity services the world over.