Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Hostgee Cloud Hosting Announces Cloud Control Panel For VPS Hosting Services

Hostgee Cloud Hosting’s Linux and Windows VPS Hosting plans are now available with a new Cloud Control Panel. The new control panel offers all clients the convenience of distributing their resources on multiple VPS Cloud servers in whichever way they need them to be configured. Customers only need to buy their resources, starting with 2GB RAM and one vCores and scaling up to 128GB RAM and 24 vCores, and then distribute them on as many VPS Cloud servers they need.

And of course, contrary to big cloud VPS providers’ practices, Hostgee Cloud Hosting’s plans don’t need customers to use a pricing calculator to predict their cloud VPS costs. Every plan includes 100% fixed expected costs every month and no commitments.

Additionally, 24/7 Support & Standard Administration with 20-minute average response time along with Ultra-fast Intel Xeon E5-2670 CPUs, Maximum Disk I/O with RAID10 Real SSD arrays and Managed Backups, RAM based Read Caching and Enterprise-class Virtualization based on Hyper-V and System Center.

The new Cloud Control Panel is a valuable addition to the industry-leading features of Hostgee Cloud Hosting’s Cloud VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting Services which have been designed to give world-class reliability, speed and versatility to today’s demanding VPS Cloud clients. Every service is based on Hyper-V which is the best platform for virtualizing any workload. Hyper-V gives complete virtual machine isolation which gives every Cloud VPS 100% free from different Cloud Servers on the same physical host.

The new Cloud Control Panel completes our Cloud services, making Hostgee Cloud Hosting’s Cloud VPS plans the most complete and dependable in the Globe.

More info: http://www.hostgee.com