Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

20i Hosting Announces Plans to Shake Up the US Reseller Hosting Market

20i, one of the UK’s leading web hosting companies, have announced the opening of their first US data center. Powered by a combination of autoscaling cloud hosting, proprietary technology and expert hosting support, 20i is planning to shake up a market dominated by cPanel hosts.

By developing their own hosting technology and control panel called ‘My20i’, 20i customers do not face the same performance limits and associated license fees as those who use cPanel. Unlike cPanel, which can only be hosted on a single server, 20i’s autoscaling hosting responds to traffic load and balances it across multiple servers as required.

20i is also bringing their unlimited Reseller Hosting to the USA. Uninhibited by any 3rd party licensing fees or technology restrictions, their Reseller Hosting customers can sell unlimited sites with unlimited bandwidth, webspace and databases across Linux, Windows and WordPress-optimized platforms.

Customers around the world can choose to host their sites at 20i’s UK data center or their brand new Dallas, Texas data center. Director Lloyd Cobb said, “The location of our first US location was a decision we gave a lot of thought, and ultimately, we identified Dallas as a key central internet hub for the US. The data center we chose is the most interconnected building in Texas – it’s got great latency to both East and West coasts as well as into South America.”

Founder of 20i Tim Brealey said, “I’m thrilled that we’re giving our Resellers in the UK the chance to expand into new markets and Resellers in the US the opportunity to build their business without any limits placed on how many websites they can host. They’ll be able to offer their clients a hosting platform that’s unbeatable by current US providers and manage both US and UK hosting from a single control panel – unavailable anywhere else.”

Co-founder Jonathan Brealey added, “With this US expansion, we can now compete with the biggest companies and still remain true to our principles of excellence in technology, innovation and support. And do all this while remaining independent.

Opening our data center in Dallas is just the start, and we couldn’t be happier. We welcome everyone who joins us on this exciting journey.”

20i Reseller Hosting is available for US customers for $1 for the first month, and $59.99 per month thereafter.

About 20i

20i is one of the UK’s leading web hosts and domain registrars. Currently rated the #1 web host on Trustpilot and the only UK host to be rated ‘Top Tier’ WordPress host by Review Signal, our Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting and VPS are the perfect choice for agencies, businesses, freelancers and side-hustlers.

More information: https://www.20i.com