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BitDefender and Deepnet Security Partnership

BitDefender®, an award-winning provider of innovative solutions, and Deepnet Security, a leading provider of two factor authentication solutions, today is announcing CryptoKey, a new product line that boasts an integrated antimalware scanning engine, integrated hardware encryption engine, and strong password protection to protect mobile workers from various malicious malware threats and keep user information safe.

CryptoKey, using BitDefender’s industry-leading security technology, is a secure USB flash drive that protects all stored data automatically with hardware encryption and two factor authentication. All data that is transferred to the flash drive is automatically scanned by BitDefender’s antimalware engine and encrypted using CryptoKey’s encryption engine. CryptoKey integrates the virus scanning engine into the flash drive’s firmware to produce an always-on malware scanning feature. The on-board hardware encryption controller encrypts all data, in real-time, using FIPS certified AES 256-bit encryption algorithm in CBC-mode. CryptoKey has two built-in authentication tokens, an OTP token for One Time Password based strong authentication and a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) smart token for PKI certificate based authentication.

“Protecting valuable mobile data and providing users the flexibility to stay productive is extremely important for businesses and government institutions,” said Yurong Lin, Chief Executive Officer for Deepnet Security. “By natively integrating Deepnet’s two-factor authentication and BitDefender’s virus scanning engine into a USB flash drive with hardware encryption engine, CryptoKey is a multi-purpose security device for both strong protection and data encryption. By adding BitDefender’s anti-malware engine to our product, we have opened up new market opportunities and expanded our business. We have been able to sign new resellers and distributors within a very short period of time.”

“There are several secure USB flash drive products in the market today, however none of them offers native integration of 2-factor authentication and anti-virus scanning. CryptoKey is the first product we have seen that integrates an anti-virus engine and 2-factor authentication into its firmware, making it ultimately secure and safe,” said Sajid Masud, Managing Director of Primoris Distribution. “The demand for a converged device that offers hardware encryption, strong authentication, antimalware protection is increasing, and CryptoKey came out just in time!”
“With a highly mobile work force, comprehensive end-point security is essential to stop malware threats from spreading inside and across organizations. We’re excited to be working with Deepnet Security to provide their customers flash drives with exceptional protection and on-board, always-on, virus scanning engine to feel secure while taking advantage of the increasing workforce mobility,” said Peter Laakkonen, BitDefender’s General Manager of OEM and Technology Licensing.

A new breed of e-threat that emerged around mid-July, the Win32.Worm.Stuxnet, could be spread using a USB stick. The worm spreads by taking advantage of several zero-day exploits of the current Windows version. It can execute itself from an infected medium as soon as the .Ink file on the drive has been read by the operating system. In this case, Stuxnet targeted supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, but a zero day worm could propagate any network. An integrated malware engine built within the USB stick would reduce emerging threats as long as the latest updates are used. BitDefender provides generic detection that covers all variants of Stuxnet. By standardizing on USB sticks with integrated antimalware protection, organizations and users will have the peace of mind knowing they can freely share information whether the USB flash drive is plugged into their own computer, third party computer, or Internet kiosk.

About Deepnet Security
Deepnet Security provides enterprises, financial institutions and ecommerce websites with the most flexible, two-factor and two-way authentication solutions that are user friendly and cost effective. Its key product, Deepnet Unified Authentication Platform, provides two-factor authentication for a variety of enterprise applications in one single security platform. Its unique authentication products include hardware, software and mobile phone based one-time passwords, keystroke biometrics, virtual smart cards and device authentication.

About BitDefender®
BitDefender is the creator of one of the industry’s fastest and most effective lines of internationally certified security products. Since its inception in 2001, BitDefender has continued to raise the bar and set new standards in proactive threat prevention, emerging as the industry’s anti-malware innovator. Every day, BitDefender technology protects tens of millions of home and corporate users across the globe – giving them the peace of mind of knowing that their digital experiences will be secure. BitDefender has become a preferred choice for leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), hardware vendors, service providers, and marketing companies worldwide, who want to license content security technology and implement them within their products. More information about BitDefender and its OEM products are available at the company’s OEM portal. Additionally, BitDefender’s malware city provides background and the latest updates on security threats helping users stay informed in the everyday battle against malware.

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