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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Cloud Web Hosting Platform Looks for Beta Testers

A new web hosting platform is entering the emerging cloud platform market and is seeking beta testers. Due to advances in technology, this new platform is able to offer a number of features not previously seen in existing web hosting platforms.

Hybrid Web Cluster is a cloud web hosting platform designed to run either on real servers, cloud server instances or a combination of the two. Due to some key enabling technologies becoming available (particularly the ZFS filesystem) combined with technology advances made by the cluster development team, this new product is able to offer a number of features not previously seen in products of this type:

A user-configurable level of replication redundancy — Near-live backups can be stored on any number of nodes in the cluster and in the event of a node failure, service is automatically and instantly restored from a backup no more than 10 seconds old. In the event of an accidental deletion, files can be quickly and easily recovered by “rolling back time” – a feature provided in the web hosting control panel.
Complete fault tolerance and no single point of failure — Any node (or several nodes) can fail and the cluster will automatically repair itself. Hardware failures are no longer critical, replacements can be carried out as part of a maintenance schedule rather than as an emergency event.
A high degree of scalability — Standard LAMP web applications can run unmodified and scale from zero resource usage to requiring two dedicated servers (one for database and one for web) this scaling happens automatically and instantly to cope with variations in demand. With minor modifications to the application code, next generation multi-master database technology allows the cluster to scale even beyond the 2 server-per-site limitation and be capable of handling extremely high traffic loads.

After several years in development this new web cluster system is due to begin the first round of beta testing in September 2010 and Hybrid Logic Ltd. is seeking interested parties to try the beta version for free, initially on cloud infrastructure, but later stand-alone distributions will be available. Beta testers will be offered a discount on the full price of the system after its launch date.


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