Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

UK Web Solutions Company Launch Innovative Corporate Identity Promotion

Logicsofts has recently launched a customer incentive initiative in which it is giving away pens with a personalized logo and message to each customer placing an order on its website.

In its ongoing effort to provide a full range of technology solutions to both small and large businesses located all over the UK that are either planning to carve their very own niche in the Internet space or to enhance their Internet footprint, Logicsofts, a leading UK web solutions provider has launched its website, www.UKWebsiteDesignCompany.co.uk. To mark the occasion, Logicsofts plans to give away an assortment of personalized products free with every order.

“It is our way to thank our customers for having entrusted such a critical component of their online business presence to us and for having relied on us to grow vertically,” says Sam Singh, company founder and CEO, whose company has provided a wide array of web-based services to organizations both in the UK as well as in other parts of the world as a seasoned industry veteran. “We aren’t just committed to delivering the latest technologies to our customers but also building on these technologies to further streamline innovation,” he adds.

Corporate Identity Promotion from London Web Designers and web Developers

Free Personalized Pens with any Order of Website Design, e-commerce, CMS, ERP and CRM Development

With a view to expanding its spectrum of services and inviting new customers to come on board, Logicsofts has announced an innovative promotion in which it will give away writing instruments (pens) personalized with the customer’s company logo, name and address. These high quality pens come in a choice of two colors and as many as ten attractive designs. The number of personalized pens will depend on the size of the order being placed. For instance, if the order is worth £500, the customer will receive 500 attractive looking pens featuring the client company’s logo and message which can be given away during promotional events or combined with other gifts for customers. The promotion is valid until supplies last. The highly talented and experienced team of London web designers employed by Logicsofts can even animate the customer’s company logo on the website thus harmonizing the corporate identity on both fronts.

A Full Suite of Web Solutions

As a leading UK web design and development company that is strategically poised to render many cutting-edge cross-platform services such as custom applications development, PHP, Asp.net, CMS, e-commerce, CRM, ERP and mobile applications development, Logicsofts continues to provide its customers with web products that are intended to deliver a synergistic product blend through scalable integration. For instance, when the company receives a preliminary inquiry from a customer, a meticulously articulated solution is presented keeping in full perspective the precise needs of the customer and the online business the solution is designed to support. Additionally, owing to the company’s strategic location in the nation’s capital, it is able to recruit the finest technical talent including the best London web designers available. Other services Logicsofts provides include search engine optimization, search engine marketing and Internet marketing including both paid and universal search.

Logicsofts deploys the latest web technologies to deliver visually attractive websites that are not merely functional but also utilize an ergonomically designed user interface. The company’s business delivery model is further augmented with 24X7 customer support, round-the-clock monitoring of its clients’ Internet properties and near instant processing of website updating requests from its customers. Logicsofts also provides an easy-to-use web design calculator which helps customers to accurately predict the cost of a web design project. The home page also features a link to the company’s compendium of stellar portfolio websites spanning a wide variety of domains and industry verticals.

About the Company

Logicsofts is a UK-based full service web solutions provider with offices in London and a state-of-the-art R&D facility in New Delhi India. Founded in 2003, the company has carved a strategic niche in the UK web solutions space with a host of services such as web designing, web development, search engine optimisation and search marketing. The company has recently added over-the-horizon customer engagement services such as CRM and ERP customization services for its clients. Visit Logicsofts at www.UKWebsiteDesignCompany.co.uk for an in-depth overview of the company’s products and services.

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URL: http://ukwebsitedesigncompany.co.uk/
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