Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Voxel dot Net Expands its Presence at TELEHOUSE New York

TELEHOUSE America, a leading provider of global dedicated data centers, international Internet exchanges, and managed IT services, announces today that Voxel dot Net is the newest carrier to interconnect at TELEHOUSE New York Chelsea, located at 85 10th Avenue, in Manhattan’s exclusive meat-packing district. Voxel, a leading provider of cloud and hybrid hosting and managed services, has been a valued TELEHOUSE customer since 2003.
Voxel is an international hosting company and a leader in cloud and managed hosting solutions. Voxel provides IP transit, CDN and transport out of the TELEHOUSE Chelsea Center with access to the industry’s only truly hybrid infrastructure offering, allowing you to mix and match dedicated and cloud servers behind the same firewall or load balancer and in the same IP space. Their comprehensive offering is backed by 24x7x365 “Zero Bureaucracy” access to Voxel’s expert engineers who have 10+ years of experience in deploying, managing and scaling Internet applications.
“As Voxel continues to grow we are able to deepen our relationships with key partners like TELEHOUSE,” says Zachary Smith, COO of Voxel. “Since beginning our partnership in 2003, we have interconnected at TELEHOUSE New York Chelsea, TELEHOUSE New York Teleport, TELEHOUSE New York Broadway, and 111 8th Avenue. Over the years, TELEHOUSE has enabled us to provide rich interconnection options for our hosting, cloud and IP delivery customers.”
“Voxel is an excellent asset to TELEHOUSE New York Chelsea,” says Satoshi Adachi, Executive Vice President of TELEHOUSE America. “We are excited to provide our customers with access to top of the line cloud hosting and managed services providers like Voxel.”
Since 2006, TELEHOUSE has also assisted Voxel with its International expansion through a business development program. TELEHOUSE’s global expertise and market consulting capabilities furnished Voxel dot Net with access to local contacts and regional experience; both being essential to establishing foreign operations.
To learn more about TELEHOUSE America, please visit www.TELEHOUSE.com or call 718- 355-2500. For more information on Voxel dot Net, visit www.Voxel.net.

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