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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

YESpay Launches New Cloud Managed Card Payment Service

YESpay has successfully launched its new cloud computing architecture for its 4 global card payments transaction processing data centres located in London (UK), Heathrow (UK), Toronto (Canada) and San Francisco (USA). Cloud computing refers to accessing dynamically scalable and often virtualized IT resources as a service over the Internet.

“Our EMBOSS card payment service probably the world’s first card payment service to develop and deploy our new cloud computing architecture as defined by industry experts such as Sun Microsystems”, said Dr. Chandra Patni, CEO and CTO of YESpay group of companies.
YESpay provides its integrated card transaction processing service to merchants throughout Europe and North America (USA and Canada). YESpay’s new 4 data centres, branded as EMBOSS, work on the new cloud computing architecture and deliver a resilient payment service to its customers through a “Software as a Service model” (SaaS) model. In a SaaS model, a single application is accessed by thousands of customers through the Internet. The main application is hosted centrally in multiple EMBOSS data centres and a basic software (EasyV Terminal) is installed at the customers end to facilitate communication with the host. In this type of multitenant architecture, customers are just thin clients with no requirements for servers or software licenses. The customers of such a service model are generally billed on a utility (pay as you use) or subscription basis.
The benefits deriving from YESpay’s SaaS model range from infinite scalability to reduced infrastructure investment and no software licensing charges. The main benefits of replicating cloud computing architecture for YESpay’s customers are categorized below.
Data Security
Since YESpay is responsible for storing the cardholder data on behalf of its clients, it ensures high levels of security, certified to PCI DSS level 1 at all its data centres throughout Europe and North America.
Commercial Benefits
With YESpay’s SaaS model, there is no capital investment required for the merchant, just operational monthly service costs. Customers don’t need their own operational staff and physical equipment (such as servers, storage, networks, and virtualization technologies) and can access YESpay’s payment solution over the internet.
Service Availability
YESpay EMBOSS Cloud computing load sharing gives 99.99% availability (practically 100%) even during maintenance, upgrades, etc, and additionally multiple load sharing data centres provide auto Disaster Recovery (DR) capability. Hence, YESpay is utilizing the cloud computing revolution to impart a fully resilient and “ready for future” payment services to its customers helping them adapt and excel in the ever changing card payment market scenario.
About YESpay International Ltd:
YESpay, card payments service company, provides highly secure Internet, EMV Chip & PIN, contactless and gift card payment processing services to independent and multi-chain merchants. Through EMBOSS™, YESpay’s Managed Payment Service, merchants can quickly accept integrated card payments within EPOS, kiosks, hospitality and e-commerce systems with minimal capital investment and low on-going services costs. EMBOSS is an on-line IP-based payment processing service that has been generically pre-accredited by major Card Acquirers in Europe and North America (including Chase Paymentech, First Data Merchant Service (FDMS), Barclaycard Business, HSBC, HBOS, Lloyds Cardnet, Streamline, Ulster Bank, Elavon, PBS, Amex and Diners). In addition, YESpay’s EMBOSS service is fully end to end certified to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Level 1 as mandated by Visa and MasterCard. The YESpay EasyV-Suite of card payment products is innovative and cost-effective for EPOS, Kiosk, Hospitality, Mobile and Internet environments. In combination with the YESpay hosted EMBOSS payment service, merchants can perform card payments in both card-present and card-not-present environments.

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