JaguarPC Web Hosting Services Offers Softaculous

JaguarPC, has, announced that all JaguarPC web hosting accounts now come with the new Softaculous auto-installer suite, giving web hosting customers access to over 175 popular easy-to-install open source scripts. Softaculous gives JaguarPC’s customers the ability to quickly and easily install numerous web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, Dolphin, and many other scripts to their hosting accounts with just a few clicks.
“We have had so many requests from our customers asking for a solution that provided more script options that could be easily installed to customers accounts with a couple of clicks,” says Greg Landis, Founder and CEO at JaguarPC. “After testing and comparing Softaculous to other multi-script installation programs, we have concluded that Softaculous is a solid product that can provide great benefits for our customers so we enabled all our systems to use Softaculous.”
Softaculous is one of the most comprehensive and most popular auto-installer modules available on the market today. Softaculous is a powerful, well designed, and easy-to-use auto installer that allows users to install software in one easy step. By implementing Softaculous, JaguarPC gives customers the power to integrate a wide variety of applications directly from their web hosting control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin. With 175+ scripts that are installable with just one-click, Softaculous allows JaguarPC’s customers to install numerous popular applications directly to their web space.
“At JaguarPC we make every effort to ensure that our web hosting services are as user-friendly as possible for our customers,” says Landis. “Softaculous is a great addition to our current service offerings, and as a result, Softaculous enables us to better meet our customers’ needs. With Softaculous we can provide customers with a fast and easy way to install applications that will be fully functional with just a few simple clicks.”
There is a wide variety of scripts and applications available to be installed with Softaculous. JaguarPC’s customers can choose scripts for blogging, forums, e-commerce, mailing lists, wikis, image galleries, music and video management, and more. New features and scripts are consistently being added to the list and are immediately available with every new version of Softaculous.
“Softaculous is a great auto installer suite, offering 1-click setup of many popular open source web applications,” says Landis. “Customers can use Softaculous to easily install blogs, shopping carts, wikis, social networking, and other widely used applications. With a superb collection of powerful point and click programs, Softaculous makes building and managing websites much easier and more effective.”
Softaculous is now available to all JaguarPC’s new and existing customers. In addition, Softaculous is included as an affordable add-on with JaguarPC’sdedicated server hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS web hosting accounts, providing customers with a solution that will save them time when it comes to provisioning application installations. Website owners interested in a faster, more powerful, and easier to use script auto-installer are encouraged to visit
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Established in 1998, JaguarPC is one of the world’s most trusted and experienced cPanel hosting , VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and reseller hosting companies. JaguarPC delivers superior service to clients through its cost-effective, high-value services model. JaguarPC provides hosting support to business and personal clients from across the globe including the world’s leading companies and governments in many countries. JaguarPC has over ten years of experience in the hosting industry and has a growth rate of over 95% year after year.

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